Bhima Madkam – Villager injured in Police firing and admitted in hospital

Date: Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 2:36 PM

Dear Friends,

This is an urgent appeal for your support and action.

On 17th April 2015,Bhima Madkam, from Village Madenar, Police station Pakhnar and District Bastar suffered grievous injuries in a police firing. While his condition was very serious the villagers were not sure whether taking him to the Government Hospital for treatment would be helpful. After being convinced by Soni Sori and her lawyers and taking into consideration the deteriorating condition of the patient, the villagers agreed to bring him to the Maharani hospital, Jagdalpur on 21 April 2015. On the same day i.e. 21 April 2015 an application was also submitted to the police stating how Bhima Madkam had been injured in a case of police firing and demanding the police to take action against the erring personnel.

Bhima Madkam, along with his family, was brought to Maharani hospital late yesterday evening. But as soon as he reached the hospital the entire environment changed. The entire ward was cordoned off by the police and no one including Bhima Madkam’s lawyers were allowed to meet him. This is completely illegal since Bhima Madkam has not been arrested by the police but is a patient seeking medical treatment in which case he should have complete access to people as any other patient.

Today (22.4.2015) the situation continues to be grim. Despite the fact that Bhima Madkam has not been arrested, his lawyers and Soni Sori are still not allowed to meet him. The police is only allowing some villagers to meet him.

The police is also harassing Human Rights Defender Soni Sori by stating that they will get her bail cancelled by the Supreme Court on the ground that she is ‘instigating people against the state’ and send her back to jail.

Three people from Village Madenar and one from Village Kodenar were picked up by the police on 18.4.15 and have not been produced before any magistrate or even arrested. They are presently at the Parpa Thana. The family members were informed by the ASP that they could go to the Parpa Thana to meet the villagers detained.

Please do contact the SP Bastar with the following demands

  1.  Independent inquiry and action into the injury of Bhima Madkam on 17th April.
  2. Allow Bhima Madkam, who is undergoing medical treatment, complete access to people.
  3. That the medical treatment of Bhima Madkam nor his access to medical papers should not be comprised only to support the accused police personnel.
  4. Stop arresting other villagers of Madenar who may be witnesses in Bhima Madkam’s case.
  5. Human Rights Defender Soni Sori who is continuously trying to help villagers approach the district administration for resolution of their grievances should not be threatened and harassed.

Phone numbers: SP Bastar-9479194003

Sudha Bharadwaj
General Secretary, Chhattisgarh PUCL